onsdag 28. mars 2012

Photos taken by students from Lier, Florist clas

Anniken G. photos

A Norwegian flag, taken in Uvdal, Norway

Our King, inspecting His Majesty The King`s Guard. Taken in Oslo

A bird resting on the stable fence, taken in Hokksund, Norway

Nice Norwegian nature
Hege M. P, photos
A picture I took last fall.

An old stone church in Buskerud. Fiskum ca.1250

The snow has gone!

My dog in front of the waterfall
Inger-Helen J, photos
A beautiful chapel hidden in the woods at Sollihøgda.

A beatiful dogwalk in the evening, it`s spring and the snow melts

The Crocus is no longer hiding, it slowly comes to sight in the sunshine.

My cat is cuddling in the sun

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